Collision Investigation of the vehicles and of pedestrians involved in a collision require the determination of factors such as osition on the road, post impact heading, speed, direction of travel, acceleration, deceleration and any form of rotation that occured.

the "On Scene Collision Investigation Course" is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to, identify preserve and colect pertinent evidence at the scene of a collision. there will be a focus on investigation as a matter of obtaining and interpreting information in an objective matter.
Who Should Attend?
Health & Safety Managers and Supervisors, Driver Trainers, Insurance Representatives and any or all persons involved in the analysis of a collision in order to determine culpability.

This comprehensive one week course will assist and enable the investigator to determine these factors:
  • Field notes and documentation
  • Laws of motion.
  • Sequence dynamics and crush measurement convections.
  • Roadway evidence.
  • Measuring techniques, field sketches and photography.
  • Sequence of events.
  • Lamp and tire analysis.
  • Speed and time deistance analysis.