"Cargo theft results in higher costs, increased insurance rates, and lower net profits, posing a serious threat to the flow of trade, commerce and the transportation systems themselves. the range of techniques and solutions for preventing and detecting business crimes are vast, as are the methods of crimes perpetrated against business."

The Transportation Industry and Theft
The trucking industry is vulnerable to four principle types of cargo theft, 1: Vehicle Theft, 2: Burglary, 3: Hijackings and 4: thefts occurring during shipping and receiving.

Why Attend? Bottom Line! "No company can afford the financial losses resulting fro theft."
ITR's Cargo Theft and Security Course can help your management team by offering effective solutions to the problems associated with cargo theft and security losses.
A sound cargo theft and security plan is the foundation upon which the success of the entire program depends

This comprehensive 5 hour course will provide the skills and knowledge to:
  • 1 - Identify a theft problem.
  • 2- Collect data.
  • 3 - Analyze data.
  • 4 - Implement an effective cargo security plan.